måndag, november 24, 2008

Uk Premierzzzzz

First of all, i just wanted to say hello to any U.K readers that have stumbled themselves in here, so i'll do this one in english. The english version of "Sleeping and Dreaming of Food is showing tomorrow at The Pictures underground film festival, at Bardens bodoir! I myself will not attend the show (too much work to be done) but anyone in the area are welcome to drop by at Bardens Boudoir, 36-44 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7XJ
There will be dancing as well, so bring someone to stroke!


5 kommentarer:

jan sa...

Jonna bor i Stoke Newington! Mojligt att vi gar dit!
Jag har varit pa Bardens pa burleskkvall.

Kolbeinn sa...

ja! ja! och säg till om filmen var bra. Jag har inte sett hela än!

Sebastian Larsmo sa...

När får man se den i Sverige tro?

Kolbeinn sa...

Seb: Allt i sinom tid. Small press expo senast!

Hanna P sa...

Congratzzzz! Hoppas få se den snart!