tisdag, maj 25, 2010

Nytt uppskriv

Fick ett uppskriv i publishers weekly precis:

Swedish cartoonist Karlsson's first book is the closest thing comics have yet produced to, say, Devendra Banhart's music: psychedelic, shambolic, mystical, very hairy, and redolent of musk. It's low on text--there's no dialogue at all in its second half--but high on... well, any number of things. The book is a series of linked stories about various woodland monsters; its first piece concerns a pair of fur-covered, bodybuilding creatures who are married in a dance ritual witnessed by a burning wicker figurine. Karlsson's artwork has some obvious inspirations from a previous generation of art cartoonists--there's a little of Mike Diana's violent/sexual grossouts and fanatically intense mark making, a little of Jim Woodring's silent, fantastical world-building and supersaturated color palette--but it's also got its own heady aesthetic, shifting between crude, wobbly rendering and subtle attention to details of body language and facial expressions. His stories are vivid as a fever dream, very vaguely grounded in the real world (a few characters shop at a chain supermarket), but mostly sweaty, uncanny, and intuitive rather than logical: this is the kind of book whose most straightforward story involves a bulbous carrotman who wades into a hot pool and is transformed into an enormous tree.

Annars sitter jag precis i malmö och mekkar med ännu en film med emie på happy endings, som jag rapporterar lite mer om snart. Jag sitter förresten också med ett färdigt bildmanus till trollkungen 2 också, samtidigt som jag är alldeles kissig och studsig över att få berätta varenda liten detalj för er, men jag tror jag får hålla mig. Pus pus.

tisdag, maj 04, 2010

Berlin book + Show

It's always a blast working in the tabloid format, making big delicious A3 pictures (who are a pain to scan, by the way). It was great doing this large page for the excellent comics page of the german edition of Le monde diplomatique. This one, and the other ones (great artists like Emelie östergren and Marc Bell) will be published in a book by reprodukt, being released this saturday! Here's the details:

“Le Monde diplomatique: In 50 Comics um die Welt” at the Night of Books in Berlin.

In 2010 the German edition of “Le Monde diplomatique” celebrates its 15th anniversary with the release of large-sized book “Le Monde diplomatique: In 50 Comics um die Welt“. It presents a selection of the best comic-pages which have been published in the international monthly newspaper since 2005.

Editor Karoline Bofinger is going to present drawings from “In 50 Comics um die Welt”. Impressions about this (hot of the presses!) volume will be shared in a conversation with Armin Abmeier, Henning Wagenbreth and Katia Fouquet.

8th of May, start: 18.15 o’clock
Kreuzbergmuseum, Adalbertstraße 95a, 10999 Berlin
Tel. (030) 50 58 52 33, Fax (030) 50 58 52 58
www.kreuzbergmuseum.de, www.lange-buchnacht.de

Being a bit travelled out at the moment (3 comics festivals in a month! Phew!) i will regretfully not be there. (even though i would love some more time in Berlin) But anyone in the neighborhood this saturday are most welcome.