söndag, juni 01, 2008

Bergman Snake Party!

Pretty much about now, should the Swedish exhibition "Through a Panel Darkly" open up. Thanks to Galago and the Swedish embassy in tokyo, i am participating in an exhibition about Swedish doom and gloom in the comics world. To quote the text on the Swedish embassys website: "This exhibition shows a unique part of Swedish comic strip art that, in word and image, carries on the heritage of August Strindberg and Ingmar Bergman. Black and white, full of darkness and anguish, they are, at the same time, as funny as only a comic can be..." Considering the fact that my comics are about neither doom nor gloom, i would guess i am in the show as some kind of jolly exception. Anyway, the exhibition, and the trip seems like a lot of fun, and i wish my glorious publishers all my best. You can follow their adventures here.

Oh i almost forgot: My reason for writing in english here is so that maybe someone in tokyo is reading this entry right now! In that case, just follow the flashy snake posters until you hear the party in the distance! Yay!

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